About Us

BearBull Global Investments Group is a leading independent Swiss wealth advisory firm based in the DIFC and regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). BearBull Group's core expertise is in providing best-in-class and unbiased financial services to Sovereign Wealth Funds, Government related bodies, Institutions, family offices and HNW individuals in the MENA region.

Our logo, the Bear and the Bull, is a translation of our ability and track record in taking full advantage of market opportunities during Bull cycles, whilst always preserving our client’s interests via active capital preservation strategies in Bear Markets.

We offer our services in a consultative and highly individualized way to plan our clients’ future investment objectives using a complete range of financial products, services, and strategies without conflict of interest inherent with universal banks and most vertically integrated financial institutions.

Swiss Institutional Expertise and Independent Wealth Advisory

Why BearBull Group ?


We have over 30+ years of experience providing expert financial advice to institutional and private clients worldwide


A qualified, enthusiastic team of private bankers to offer you tailor-made financial solutions and services.


We always handle challenges in professional boundary and maintain our prestige.

Our Latest Publications

Global financial research and analysis

Our team of analysts is responsible for providing our managers and advisors with bang-up-to-date market analysis and information. Indeed, financial research and analysis is carried out on a macroeconomic level to enable us to fully understand all global economic mechanisms and as such provide maximum performance and security in the allocation.

Sector/security research

The Bearbull Group research team focuses on sector-specific or regional securities in order to obtain and offer a list of securities that meet unparalleled quality criteria. All of these securities are listed in our databases, which can then be easily consulted in order to build portfolios. These measures then allow us to better understand the financial climate, and thus minimize as far as possible the risks incurred by certain asset classes.

Weekly Analysis

Quaterly Strategy

Every quarter, Bearbull Group publishes its investment strategy for the coming quarter. This comprehensive document brings together our economic outlook, our core beliefs, and our various investment strategies for diversified or specialized investments.

Our Philosophy and Principles

With these values, we embrace our mission to bring each client the best service.


Independent Investment Strategy, Independent Ownership structure, Independent In-House Research, Independence to avail the Best Financial Products and Services to our Clients


Stable Management Teams, Committed Managing Partners, We value Long-Term Client Relationships, Great attention to Quality and Service by always going the Extra-Mile


Absolute or Relative, Your Performance goal is our Primary Concern, Active Asset Allocation is the Main Pillar of Performance

Systematic Risk Monitoring

Daily Risk Management, Quantitative & Fundamental Risk Analysis, Pro-active Capital Preservation technics, Strong Corporate Governance, DFSA Regulated


Human Scale Organisation, Tailored-Made solutions, Freedom to Choose Products and Services that Best Suit Your Needs, Tailored-Made Advisory

Identity of Interests

Aligning our Interests with those of our Clients, Strong Commitment to Develop Rewarding and Mutually Beneficial Long-Lasting Relationships

Our Service Offering at a Glance

BearBull Family Office Services

  • Inter-generational transfer of wealth
  • Professional structuring of wealth management
  • Superior Performance, diversification and risk management
  • An approach designed to safeguard wealth and pass it on to future generations

BearBull Wealth Advisory Services

  • Independent and Best-in-class Wealth Advisory Model built avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • A Model Built for Financial Performance, based on the Optimisation of Competencies
  • A Flexible Partnership and Scalable Solutions
  • Convenient Account set-up and a Global Network of Custodian Bank

BearBull Real Estate Services

  • Insight of a Global Investment Expert with Local Expertise
  • Real Estate Financing Solutions and Mezzanine Funding
  • Established network of Investors & Deal Sourcing Ability
  • Buy-side & Sell-side Investment Advisory

BearBull Corporate Advisory Services

  • Direct Investment Opportunities Sourced from proprietary & Third-Party Sources
  • Joint-Venture Investment Opportunities
  • Debt & Capital Structuring Advisory
  • Financial & Strategic Advisory
  • Ability to Invest side-by-side in Club Deals with like-minded Families

BearBull Debt Platform

  • Real Estate Financing & Re-financing of Real Estate Assets
  • Financing solutions specifically aimed at Construction Projects & New Developments
  • Mezzanine & Equity release financing to bride a funding gap for project & ventures
  • Securities Lending & Asset Backed Lending


“As an entrepreneur, I have worked hard to build a successful business and dealing with bankers who are themselves also entrepreneurs gives me the confidence that I am dealing with people who value hard work and long-term relationships as much as I do – Identity of interests is why I decided to trust BearBull Group and its executives.”

“Knowing that BearBull Group’s executives have an extensive track record in advising some of the largest SWF’s and institutional investors give us the confidence that we are dealing with the right partner with an extensive track record in wealth advisory and capital preservation techniques.”

“In a world dominated by vertically integrated financial institutions with an aim to maximise their profits versus their client’s portfolio returns – I am glad that BearBull Group is offering me the ability to choose the best financial products and services based on real open architecture and best in class approach.”

” It gives me great comfort to have BearBull Group advising me on my financial assets so I can fully dedicate my time to my Business. They, in fact, have always helped me grow my business by always securing the best financing terms and conditions when we needed capital to grow.”

“….As institutional investors, we attach great importance to the notion of risk. For us, the quality of performance can only be judged as a function of the risks that our portfolio incurred generating that performance. This is why we were totally reassured by the importance BearBull is according to this parameter in its advisory rationale…”

Being in contact with the same people year after year is priceless. No one wants to unnecessarily expose the complexity of their financial position, property, and family at each change in the relationship. At BearBull I know that my banker will always be there to assist me with total independence and confidentiality.”

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