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BearBull Real Estate Services
  • Insight of a Global Investment Expert with Local Expertise
  • Real Estate Financing Solutions and Mezzanine Funding
  • Established network of Investors & Deal Sourcing Ability
  • Buy-side & Sell-side Investment Advisory

Unique Value Proposition : One-Stop-Shop Real Estate Services

  • Independent & RegulatedThe sole independent and regulated Swiss Global Advisory firm with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the MENA real estate markets.
  • Established NetworkWe offer our clients unrivaled access to investment opportunities via our established network of Banks, Property Developers, Independent brokerage firms based on our local knowledge of real estate markets in the MENA region.
  • Flexibility and AgilityWe demonstrate flexibility and agility in structuring bespoke real estate solutions providing our investors with attractive returns especially when coupled with BearBull Group’s real estate financing capabilities.

Real Estate as a Key Component of the Diversification Process

Advisory & Transaction Services with Strong Financial Know-How

  • Bespoke Real Estate Advisory ServicesBearBull Group’s real estate advisory team provides opportunistic, added-value and core real estate investment opportunities and advisory services on a global mandate basis with a core focus on the MENA and European markets.
  • Extensive Network and dedicated Financing SolutionsOur Clients benefit from attractive risk-adjusted returns through our unique deal sourcing ability and quality of services and products for optimum deal structures. BearBull Group can also source and arrange capital to support all stages of the real estate investment and development cycles.
  • 10+ Years of Local Experience with Global ReachIn the MENA region, BearBull Group’s real estate team has over 10 years of hands-on experience and track record in property investments and in bridging the gap between traditional sources of capital for regional real estate developers, investors and institutional capital through bespoke funding structures.
  • Diversified Offering of Real Estate InvestmentsOur Track record in advising some of the most preeminent and respected families in the MENA region enables BearBull Group to advise and invest at all levels of the capital structure including equity, structured equity, and debt.

Real Estate Fund Structuring Services

A Partner You Can Trust

  • We assist our clients in formulating, structuring and implementing real estate funds and investment vehicles.
  • We have the ability to assist our clients from the initial conceptualization and identification of the market opportunities through set-up, operation, as well as the ongoing fund advisory.

BearBull Fund Advisory Services include: 

  • Fund Concept and Strategy
  • Fund Set-up and Structure
  • Fund Documentation (PPM and Marketing Materials)
  • Capital Rising Support – Equity and Debt
  • Deal Flow and Investment Sourcing
  • On-going strategic and tactical advisory
  • Fund Reporting and operational support

Long-Standing Commitment to Real Estate Investments

At BearBull Group, we have always highlighted the benefits of including direct or indirect real estate in the asset management process. In the ‘90s already, we recommended balancing investment strategies by including real estate investments into mixed-asset portfolios. In 1998 we carried out the first Swiss study highlighting the benefits of including real estate in the context of global asset allocation. Our study “Real estate: Impact on investment strategy performance and risk (1984-1997)” was used as a reference case study by the Swiss Pensions.

We demonstrated that introducing real estate as an additional asset class in the universe of assets traditionally included in an institutional investment strategy generated an overall improvement in performance and decrease in risk. This principle remains applicable and is ever more justified in the context of the interest rate cycle currently coming to an end, as suggested by the most recent revisions of our academic studies (“Impact of incorporating real estate on the performance and risk of investment strategies subject to Swiss Pension Funds regulations” and “Real estate at a time of a crisis, 2007-2012”) and regularly updated real estate market analyses.

Direct Investments and Investment Funds

Convinced of the advantages of incorporating real estate in the asset management process, we have developed several solutions to implement active real estate investment management concepts globally and through transparent and tradable real estate investment vehicles.
We also offer our services to investors wishing to carry out direct investments in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

Real Estate Investment Strategy Success Factors

A successful real estate investment strategy depends on an analysis of the following factors:
– Top-down analysis of the economic cycle, inflation and interest rates
– Analysis of the underlying real estate markets
– Geographic allocation
– Allocation between residential, commercial, industrial and hotel sectors
– Tactical allocation among the different types of real estate investments
– Bottom-up analysis of performance, yields, valuations, risk premiums, debt and vacancy rates

Diversification into Foreign Investments

Internationally, the opportunity to diversify is greater than locally. Correlations between international and UAE real estate investments are low, and international diversification is clearly superior, often providing far greater returns and potential for capital gains.

Why BearBull Real Estate Advisory?

Expertise & Experience

  • Our Team has 10+ years of hands-on experience in the Middle East
  • Absolute confidentiality and professionalism
  • Expert knowledge and experience handling complex transactions
  • Experience and support in arranging Real Estate Financing


Broad & Established Network

  • Unique Deal Sourcing Capabilities / Off Market Transactions
  • Large international network of Private and Institutional Clients
  • Established network of Real Estate Developers
  • Established network of Banks and Private Clients to finance real estate projects and acquisitions


Proven Track Record

  • Direct Real Estate Investment Advisory
  • Global expertise in Indirect Real Estate Investments
  • Innovative deal structuring and financing solutions
  • No conflict of interest and truly open structure

Investing In Dubai? We are here to guide you

A Partner You Can Trust

  • Our real estate team benefits has over 10 years of hands-on experience
  • We advise you with total independence and total transparency
  • Unique ability to secure listed/off-market deals that best suit your needs
  • Best financing platform to finance or re-finance your real estate investments
  • We offer a holistic in-house approach to your real estate investments

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