Advisory Process

Investment Process
  • Daily monitoring of risks and opportunities
  • Tactical risk and quantitative management dashboard
  • Decisions are made by the Investment Committee
  • Impeccable quality and transparency in our investment products
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Fundamental analysis




Quantitative processes




Daily risk management

Independent Active Advisory

The independence of our judgment rests on our proprietary analysis of macroeconomic and financial factors and the contribution of independent third-party research providers sourced for the quality of their analysis pertaining to specific sectors or geographies. 

Our in-house view of financial markets then translates into the formulation of an investment strategy expressed in relation to a long-term asset allocation or a reference index.

These effects, both positive and negative, in terms of absolute or relative performance, are estimated to anticipate and control the risk inherent in a specific investment strategy. Methods of dynamic and disciplined management of positions permit profit taking and downside protection.

Asset Allocation Management and other Key Parameters represent 90% of Returns

Asset allocation is only the first parameter that influences the risk/return profile of a diversified investment strategy. Our investment process analyses other significant parameters that define our investment strategy, each of which is a source of performance as well as a risk factor. These are the key risk parameters we constantly monitor:


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