Wealth Advisory

BearBull Wealth Advisory Services
  • Independent and Best-in-class Wealth Advisory Model built to avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • A Model Built for Financial Performance, based on the Optimisation of Competencies
  • A Flexible Partnership and Scalable Solutions
  • Convenient Account set-up and a Global Network of Custodian Bank
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Our Wealth Advisory Platform is an Efficient Alternative

BearBull Group proposes an individual and tailored approach at all stages of the overall process of structuring, advising and monitoring your portfolio of assets. We have been providing advice on managing assets to some of the largest Swiss pension funds since 1985, and we have unparalleled experience in supporting sophisticated clients: setting out investment strategies, monitoring investments and ensuring a holistic approach to global risk management. We offer solutions best suited to support your ambitions whilst always adopting a pro-active approach to risk management. We always closely cooperate with our clients at all stages of the decision-making process.

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience in wealth management and as an independent wealth advisor with a network of more than 20 custodian banks, we have established a world-class platform to offer our clients the best and soundest advice in total independence and without conflicts of interest.

"The Man on Top of the Mountain Didn't Fall There."

-Vince Lombardi

Open Architecture and Horizontal Organisation of Wealth Advisory Services

In a world where the wealth management industry is dominated by integrated and vertically organized banks and financial institutions, BearBull Group has opted for a horizontal organization of wealth advisory services to best serve its clients interests.

In fact, the main reason supporting vertical integration in the financial sector is based on the maximisation of profits by pushing in-house products if the same financial institutions are not the counterparty of a trade betting against their own clients.

BearBull Group’s business model is based on the horizontal organization of wealth advisory services, which constitutes the most compelling structure enabling us to offer our clients a real alternative based on real open architecture wealth advisory platform. The result is superior performance and better service to our clientele. 

Unlimited Solutions based on Best-in-Class Approach

A Unique Platform to serve our client’s best interest based on True Open Architecture with Leadership in Products and Services throughout the Private Banking value chain:

Why BearBull Wealth Advisory Platform?

Independence and FreeHand


A key value, always defended and protected, that enables us to always act in the exclusive interest of our clients and to advise them without conflicts of interest.


This liberty is key to selecting and using any financial products that best suit our clients’ objectives and interests.

Adaptability and Agility


An organization with a human size, focused on efficiency, dedicated to respecting the needs and investment constraints of its clients.


For example, many of our advisory concepts have been adapted to Islamic Shariah principles.

Risk management approach


Risks related to active investment decisions are closely and continually managed via in-house systems which dynamically track relative performance.


This real-time type of control permits a greater capacity of action, which serves our quest for performance and capital preservation.

Benefits to clients

  • A Unique Fusion of Swiss Private Banking & Knowledge of the Middle EastOur team has 30+ years of experience advising clients in the Middle East.
  • Extensive selection of Jurisdictions & Custodian BanksFrom our office in the DIFC, we offer you an extensive choice of jurisdictions and custodian banks to best meet your private banking needs
  • Bespoke and powerful financing platformThanks to our local and global network of custodian banks, we are best positioned to offer our clients the most cost competitive financing solutions
  • Choice of ProductsOur Open architecture and best-in-class approach enables us to provide our clients with an unlimited choice of financial products to match their ambitions

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