Independent Wealth Advisory

Independent Wealth Advisory
Our independence is the assurance that your interests always come first

Flexibility and Agility of an Independent Advisor
Security and Control of a Trusted Advisor (DFSA Regulated)

Our proposed structure for the safe custody of your assets with internationally reputable custodian banks allows you to keep your existing relationship with your current banks while enjoying our professional expertise and agility in active wealth advisory services.

We offer you a "one-stop shop" platform for all your financial needs

We can assist you in opening accounts with one of more than twenty custodian banks from our network, from the comfort of our office in the DIFC. We also offer you the ability to open accounts in multiple jurisdictions based on your personal and professional needs.

If you already have an account in a banking institution, you may keep it, and simply grant us an advisory mandate. We can also connect you with other professionals according to your needs (lawyers, valuers, tax experts, etc.)

In a world where most financial services are consolidated and organized vertically within the same entity, BearBull Group presents a very successful and efficient alternative model. We are a more horizontal organization based on the optimization of competences and skills of specialized partners each performing in their sphere of competence. Such an organization provides enhanced transparency and most importantly, better overall service to our clients. 

Increased Reactivity

In a financial environment that has become increasingly sophisticated and volatile, it is more than ever necessary to be able to analyse situations and make decisions quickly and smoothly to either take advantage of investment opportunities or to protect and preserve the assets of our clients. In large and vertically organized financial institutions decisions decision-making is often hampered by the bureaucracy.

Our management concepts are often based on our capacity to act and react more switftly. Our dynamic concepts of tactical asset allocation enable us to better protect our clients capital.

Each and every investment decision is strictly verified, managed or diversified, to give you the guarantee of security and confidence.

Our long-standing expertise in managing sophisticated institutional clients and pension funds is also a guarantee of the quality of our service. By choosing BearBull Group, you choose a reliable alternative.

Increased Security

With BearBull Group, you gain access to a unique network of 20+ internationally recognized custodians banks for the safe custody of your assets.

The custodian ensures that only you can withdraw funds from your accounts, giving you an additional layer of good governance and security.