Q1 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2023

01 Jan

Q1 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2023

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • The last quarter of 2022 is finally a little more optimistic

  • Inflationary risks gradually decrease

  • Aggressive monetary policies expected to ease in 2023

  • Weak but positive growth prospects in 2023

  • More favourable environment for the evolution of interest rates

  • Positive outlook for financial assets

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • UAE’s GDP set to grow by 7.6% in 2022, 3.9% in 2023

  • Slight loss in momentum for UAE’s PMI in Q4 2022

  • Dubai Rolls Out $8.7 Trillion Economic Plan for Next Decade

  • A specular turnaround in UAE’s property market in 2022

  • ADX was the best-performing stock market in the GCC in 2022

Key convictions for Q1 2023 - Key Points

  • Global growth in sharp decline in 2023 

  • Falling inflation to an acceptable level in 2023

  • The end of the monetary tightening cycle approaches

  • Positive outlook for financial assets

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