Q4 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2023

23 Oct

Q4 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2023

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • US bond market under triple influence

  • Rather reassuring trend in economic parameters

  • Inflation regime improving

  • US monetary policy too restrictive

  • End of quarter marked by irrational rate hikes

  • More favorable outlook for year-end

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • Real GDP growth is forecasted to slow to 3.3% in 2023 and to rebound to 4.3% in 2024

  • The UAE PMI recorded its first uptick for three months in Q3 2023

  • The inflation projection in the UAE for the year 2023 has been revised downwards to 2.8%

  • Dubai’s Real Estate Market Sees Mixed Trends in Q3 2023

  • Dubai continues to boast healthy gains of 24.8% outperforming the MSCI GCC index

Key convictions for Q4 2023 - Key Points

  • Dangerous flattening of the US yield curve

  • The Federal Reserve will miss its target

  • Faster and more intense downward rate adjustments

  • Positive outlook for financial markets

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