Q2 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2021

20 Apr

Q2 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2021

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • Bond markets are finally taking into account the improved growth prospects

  • The rise in long-term interest rates is intensifying in the US but is partially sparing the euro zone

  • Business cycles are gradually converging

  • Global growth will be strong in 2021 and 2022

  • Financial assets could suffer from the adjustment in interest rate and inflation expectations

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • The UAE has administered more than 8.6 million Covid-19 Vaccines

  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate markets — the contrarian call

  • Launch of Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

  • UAE economic recovery picks up pace in March, with PMI at 20-month High

  • The UAE has managed to provide

Key convictions for Q2 2021 - Key Points

  • Vaccination campaigns resume after a transitional Q1

  • Convergence of business cycles will have as yet unsuspected repercussions

  • A new super growth cycle for commodities?

  • Inflation is expected to return

  • Long-term interest rates will gradually rise across the board