Q2 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2022

27 Apr

Q2 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2022

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • The geopolitical crisis is disrupting economic forecasts and risk assessments

  • Ballooning inflation seems inevitable and poses a major threat to global growth

  • Central banks are not keeping inflation under control, which could lead to a “hard landing”

  • Yield curve adjustments are already contributing to monetary tightening

  • Bond and equity markets fall together in this more uncertain environment

  • Real assets benefit from the inflationary environment and outperform

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • GDP beats estimates of 2021 posting 3.8% growth

  • Real estate sector is booming with record increases

  • Abu Dhabi and Dubai benchmarks lead global peers

Key convictions for Q2 2022 - Key Points

  • Geopolitics permanently disrupts global value chains

  • Inflation is becoming the main problem for the global economy

  • Central banks lack solutions to stagflation risks

  • Fixed income markets are flaring up as prices soar

  • Real assets are more resilient in times of inflation

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