Q1 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2020

01 Jan

Q1 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2020

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • The consensus scenario adopts a more positive macroeconomic outlook
  • Status quo on key rates but significant injections of liquidity
  • Beware extreme equity valuations
  • Emergence of serious new geopolitical risks
  • 2020 will not be able to repeat the feats of 2019

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • UAE Economy to grow at a faster pace in 2020
  • Sustaining growth post 2020
  • Dubai set to become the second most-visited global city
  • Dubai Real Estate transactions hit 11 Years high in 2019
  • UAE unveils first multi-entry five-year tourist visas

Key convictions for Q1 2020 - Key Points

  • US economy will remain robust
  • Liquidity factor will lose importance
  • International prospects are underestimated
  • Continuing gradual adjustment of long-term rates
  • Return of volatility in equity markets