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BearBull Real Estate Opportunity Fund is the first real estate fund in the UAE managed by an independent Swiss Fund Management Firm with extensive local experience. Our aim is to offer investors with regular, stable income through investments in prime property investments that offer strong capital appreciation. We actively manage risks by building on our successful track record of best-in-class corporate governance and execution, both in the region and globally.
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“Independence, Competence and trust are the foundations of our investment philosophy. Our team’s performance is based on 40+ years of solid experience of global asset allocation and optimization of returns and creation of real value for our investors”

Alain Freymond & Ahmad Saidali

Your Truster Partner

BearBull Real Estate Opportunity Fund (CEIC) Limited is incorporated in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) as a closed-ended investment fund and is a Qualified Investor Fund under the supervision of the Dubai Financial Services Authority. The fund has been established by BearBull Global Investments Group a leading Swiss wealth advisory and fund management firm based in the DIFC offering financial services to Sovereign Wealth Funds, Government related bodies, Institutions, family offices and HNW individuals in the MENA region.
BearBull Real Estate Opportunity Fund aims at investing in prime real assets in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi to build a diversified portfolio that is actively managed to generate long-term income and strong capital appreciation for investors.
At the cross section between real estate and finance, BearBull Real Estate Opportunity Fund’s dynamic and efficient team are dedicated to offer investors with the state of the art investment strategy that relies on a solid team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the UAE’s real estate markets and global financial markets.
Qualified Investors are now offered with a true alternative to invest with a reliable and transparent partner who’s sole objective is to deliver solid returns and grow investor’s capital.


Minimum $500,000

Targeted IRR

10% to 15%

Prime Locations

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Active Management


Executive Team

Our passion: when your investments make sense.


Historically, BearBull Group’s executive teams’ activities are rooted in institutional asset management in Switzerland.
The Group’s executive team has been involved in advising and managing funds for Sovereign wealth funds, large pension funds, government-related bodies, and HNW individuals in the MENA region, Switzerland and in the MENA region since 1985.

BearBull Group DIFC was established based on our vision to promote transparency, quality of service, financial performance, and most importantly, to bring our team’s 40+ years of experience advising institutional clients in Switzerland in order to serve the needs of demanding institutional and sophisticated private clients in the Middle East region.


Alain Freymond

Executive Chairman

Fernand Garcia


Ahmad Saidali

Chief Executive Officer


Eng. Mahmoud AlBurai


Dubai Real Estate institute

Edward Carnegy

Head of Abu Dhabi Office


Imran Sheikh

Chief Investment Officer

Peninsula Real Estate




BearBull is the DFSA regulated fund manager  with an executive team that has 40+ years of experience in real estate investments and global asset allocation.



CBRE, the world’s leading real estate advisory firm is providing strategic advisory, deal sourcing and research to the Fund.


JLL, the world’s 2nd  leading real estate advisory firm is providing strategic advisory, deal sourcing and research to the Fund.


Apex is a leading global Fund Administrator offering accurate and independent portfolio administration through cutting edge technology.


Crowe the globally accountancy firm is the independent auditor of the Fund and its underlying entities and assets.


BSA is a leader legal consultancy firm based in the DIFC with presence in 9 countries. The firm advises the Fund on legal matters.



Increased Market Power

Access to Real Estate investment

opportunities market-wide


Rigorous selection & monitoring

of underlying assets


Advisory & Valuation by global

Independent advisory & valuation firms


A team with extensive local knoweldge

and track record


No conflict of interest

Focused on performance


Supervised by the DFSA

Fund administration by Apex

Audited by Crowe

Steady Returns & Capital Gains

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Our Latest Publications

Global financial research and analysis

Our team of analysts is responsible for providing our managers and advisors with bang-up-to-date market analysis and information. Indeed, financial research and analysis is carried out on a macroeconomic level to enable us to fully understand all global economic mechanisms and as such provide maximum performance and security in the allocation.

Sector/security research

The Bearbull Group research team focuses on sector-specific or regional securities in order to obtain and offer a list of securities that meet unparalleled quality criteria. All of these securities are listed in our databases, which can then be easily consulted in order to build portfolios. These measures then allow us to better understand the financial climate, and thus minimize as far as possible the risks incurred by certain asset classes.


Quaterly Strategy

Every quarter, Bearbull Group publishes its investment strategy for the coming quarter. This comprehensive document brings together our economic outlook, our core beliefs, and our various investment strategies for diversified or specialized investments.

Our Philosophy and Principles

With these values, we embrace our mission to bring each client the best service.


Our Independence is key to ensuring that we always align our interests with your wealth creation aspirations. We apply the best-in-class approach to real estate investments with no conflict of interest and in total independence to the sole benefit of our investors.


World-Class Management Teams and longterm Committed form Managing Partners. We value Long-Term Client Relationships by paying Great attention to Quality and Service by always going the Extra-Mile to better serve your needs


Absolute or Relative, Your Performance goal is our Primary Concern. Our team's unmatched knowledge of the UAE real estate markets dynamics and track record in global asset allocation are the main Pillars of Performance

Systematic Risk Monitoring

Active Risk Management, Quantitative & Fundamental Risk Analysis, Pro-active Capital Preservation technics, Strong Corporate Governance are part of our group DNA. We strive for performance whilst always minimizing risk


Human Scale Organisation, Agility, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing economic and political developments are key in making informed and better decisions.

Identity of Interests

The identity of interests is key in long-term business relationships. Our quest for performance never overshadows our unwavering commitment to preserve your capital and share your success in total transparency.

Our Service Offering at a Glance

BearBull Family Office Services

  • Inter-generational transfer of wealth
  • Professional structuring of wealth management
  • Superior Performance, diversification and risk management
  • An approach designed to safeguard wealth and pass it on to future generations

BearBull Wealth Advisory Services

  • Independent and Best-in-class Wealth Advisory Model built avoid Conflicts of Interest
  • A Model Built for Financial Performance, based on the Optimisation of Competencies
  • A Flexible Partnership and Scalable Solutions
  • Convenient Account set-up and a Global Network of Custodian Bank

BearBull Real Estate Services

  • Insight of a Global Investment Expert with Local Expertise
  • Real Estate Financing Solutions and Mezzanine Funding
  • Established network of Investors & Deal Sourcing Ability
  • Buy-side & Sell-side Investment Advisory

BearBull Corporate Advisory Services

  • Direct Investment Opportunities Sourced from proprietary & Third-Party Sources
  • Joint-Venture Investment Opportunities
  • Debt & Capital Structuring Advisory
  • Financial & Strategic Advisory
  • Ability to Invest side-by-side in Club Deals with like-minded Families

BearBull Debt Platform

  • Real Estate Financing & Re-financing of Real Estate Assets
  • Financing solutions specifically aimed at Construction Projects & New Developments
  • Mezzanine & Equity release financing to bride a funding gap for project & ventures
  • Securities Lending & Asset Backed Lending
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  • Combined experience of 30+ Years in Institutional Asset Management
    Historically, BearBull Group’s executive teams’ activities are rooted in institutional asset management field in Switzerland.

    The Group’s executive team has been involved since 1985 in advising and managing funds on behalf of Sovereign wealth funds, large pension funds, government-related bodies, and HNW individuals in the MENA, Switzerland and abroad.

    BearBull Group DIFC was established based on our vision to promote transparency, quality of service, financial performance, and most importantly, to bring on board our team’s 30+ years of experience of advising institutional clients in Switzerland to the Middle East in order to serve the needs of demanding institutional and private clients.
  • A Unique Profile in the MENA Region
    The only firm to provide an institutional approach to HNWI/UHNWI private clients in the MENA Region.

    Superior global asset allocation advisory and Multi-Family Office services based on 30+ years of institutional expertise.

    Skills optimisation, wide network of experts, and extensive network of custodian banks.

    Centralised account set-up coupled with uncompromising financial product selection process.

  • Ethics
    Associate partners and employees of BearBull Group have always adhered to the highest standards of ethics, accountability, transparency, integrity, and professionalism by always putting our clients’ interests first.
  • Control
    Supervised by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)
    Audited by Crow Horwath & Russell Bedford Compliance by Vistra

Open Architecture - Endless Opportunities

Modern Business Buildings at Canary Wharf
  • Choice of Custodian Bank A network of 25 global custodian banks both in the MENA and globally
  • Choice of JurisdictionSwitzerland, UAE, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cayman Islands, etc.
  • Choice of Management stylesConventional, Socially Responsible, Shariah' Compliant
  • Choice of ProductsOpen access to best in class products worldwide

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