Q3 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2019

31 Jul

Q3 Investment Strategy & Outlook 2019

Global Investment Climate - Key Points

  • US growth not under threat
  • Eurozone seeking a second wind
  • Chinese slowdown mitigated by strong consumption
  • A more favourable second half of the year in Japan
  • Outlook remains strong in Switzerland

UAE Investment Climate - Key Points

  • UAE Economic Highlights
  • UAE Eases Rules on 100% Foreign Ownership to boost the economy
  • Fed’s dovish tone on interest rates is positive development
  • Economic activity in Dubai picks up in H1 2019

Key convictions for Q3 2019 - Key Points

  • Global economy is stronger than implied by leading indicators
  • Growth in global liquidity picks up
  • Inflation slowly heats up, driven by job creation and crude prices
  • Recession scenario still unlikely
  • Risks once again elevated in most markets